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About EC Mirror

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Car Rear view Electrochromic Mirror also called Car Auto dimming rear view mirror which developed from a typical car back view mirror.
A special laminated glass was equipped with . It was formed by two pieces of conductive
glass, Electrochromic SPM layer and MCU mounted together in the interior mirror case

As a sensor on the it's back detects ambient light is weaker than the glare light detected at it's front, 
The Auto dimming works . the reflectance rate of mirror reduced as per working voltage degrees by lumens difference 
to keep your eyes from strong glare from back side vehicles

The Car Rear view Electrochromic mirror( Car auto dimming rear view mirror) apply to both interior and 
exterior mirror for most Grand vehicle ,Sedan Car,Passenger Car, Truck and etc.

When driving in dark circumstance, A high glare from rear approaching vehicle may blind you
for a few seconds.It will reduce driver's reaction time which may get dangerous when high speed driving 

May those benefits available when your vehicle equipped auto dimming rear view mirrors
> Eliminate distracting and disabling glare
> Improve reaction time
> Decrease stopping distance
For safer and more comfortable driving! 

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